How to set up your new EXC, FE, or Husky S model!

So,  hopefully you got your new bike, or are waiting for them to clear the EPA’s grasp. Getting a new bike can mean figuring out all the new tricks and tips for making power and having it ride rite too. Fortunately we’ve done all the hard work, all the R&D for you, and put together some great products from Best Dual SPort Bikes and Power Quiet Pipes!

One of the first *go to* mods is to ditch that stock muffler/exhaust end cap and go with a Power Quiet Pipes STE-2 End cap This provides a FULL 6-7 horsepower increase over the stock EXC end cap and has the same sound output!! The quiet insert is magic in making the sound out the same as the stock EXC cap and still makes more power than a stock XC-W muffler. While you’re at it, go ahead and check out our KTM EXC AND HUSKY FE-S EMISSION DELETE KIT too.

Secondly, you’ll want to add more fuel and timing via our TPS tool KTM This plug and play tool give you to literally plug in on the side of the trail to adjust the fuel and timing of your bike in a matter of seconds!

Next, you’ll want to make sure the fuel is available to mat
ch all the extra air your flowing via the KTM Exhaust End Cap, with a FUEL RAIL FOR 2017 KTM EXC/HUSKY FE AND 16-17 SXF/XCF/TC.

Now that you’ve got the air, fuel, and power dialled in it’s time to focus on the Suspension. KTM Suspension is pretty decent in stock trim, if you’re 165-185 lbs fully geared up… However they are WAY more picky when it comes to having the proper sag set for your weight. So, some of the first things to check on your KTM Suspension is making sure you have the proper springs in there for your weight. Consult your owners manual, and of course we are always here to help any time. Call 928-362-1486 or e-mail us at We have a large selection of springs available in our Suspension Products online store.


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