Hello and welcome back to www.motolabdirtbikes.com, I’m Rob Kozler. Today we’re working on a KTM 500 fuel injection system. As far as general fuel injection systems go across the board the concepts are the same, however the service and parts availability will differ. Always consult your owners manual and have a professional do the job. As you can see the filter pictured here was originally bright yellow. This used filter has approximately 70 plus hours on it and is discolored with gray matter. The new fuel filter service kit comes with both the fuel pump pick up screen/bucket that goes on the fuel pump inlet, and an inline fuel filter, as well as clamps for the inline fuel filter. It’s important to keep this maintained as it’ll affect the performance of your bike, as well as the overall longevity of the fuel pump itself. If you haven’t already, check out our new online store. We have a full selection of KTM performance parts and Husqvarna Accessories, KTM Radiator guards from BulletProof Designs, Seat concepts, custom tuned dirt bike suspension packages, Lowering packages…etc

“If you own a 2010-2012 off-road KTM model with fuel injection you need to know there is an update to the little tiny fuel line filter leading into the fuel rail on the throttle body. You might not even know there is filter in there, we didn’t until ours clogged up on both our 2012 500 XC-W and 500 EXC, causing the bikes to run like the injector was clogged. Once the original filter starts clogging, it loads up quickly, sometimes within ten miles of riding and trying to get home. KTM fixed the issue about half way through the 2012 production run so if you have a 2012 you can check with your dealer to see if your serial number is one that needs the updated filter or not. The sensation of the filter clogging can be different depending on how quickly it happens but here are some of the symptoms. Any loss of power, especially at higher RPMs is the first sign. Secondly, the bike will be slightly erratic acceleration progressively getting worse. Then the bike will start popping and hiccuping. The FI light will not come on since this is not an electrical related issue. If a sensor is the culprit for a FI system failure, the light will usually come on. We have not been able to tell what causes the filter to clog but suspect it is related to poor quality gas or additives that are not friendly with the tank coatings or fuel lines.The job of the little filter is to keep any debris from making it to the injector, extending the life of the injector. KTM cautiously recommends changing the little filter every five hours, which isn’t realistic seeing as how we ride more than five hours at a time! We now carry an extra one with us and if the bike starts to stumble because the fuel line filter is clogged and for some reason we loose that tiny little booger in our tool bag, we just take it out until we are home and can replace it.”  A little excerpt from Dirt Rider on their fuel injection issues. Helpful tips!

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