Lowering the 2017 KTM and Husky
So you got your new bike only to find out it’s almost 39″ tall. We address this problem among others as well. Having your KTM or Husky lowered is critical to gain that comfort and confidence back that makes riding so fun! Whether it’s physical limitations, short inseam, or you just dual sport it and aren’t worried about ground clearance, we’ve got you covered.

Lowering your dirt bike or dual sport Husky or KTM is a non-permanent modification. We use custom machined spacers per your specific application to achieve the desired amount that you want your bike lowered! Lowering your dirt bike or dual sport bike will require modification of the kick stand if you decide to lower 2″ or more. If you decide to return your KTM or husky back to stock, no problem, it’ll only be the same cost as a suspension rebuild/service.

We also offer dirt bike parts and dual sport accessories at https://www.motolabdirtbikes.com/store/ to compliment your needs for comfort, power, and performance.

Feel free to contact us today about getting a quote or recommendation for your personal application. We have real world dirt experience with the exact bikes you ride and offer professional advice.

Call us at 928-362-1486 or e-mail info@motolabdirtbikes.com

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