2017-2023 WP XPLOR 48 MM/4CS FORK SPRINGS (44X470)



2017-2023 WP XPLOR 48 MM (44X470)

**Qty 1 = 1 pair (2) fork springs**

Fitment: All WP 4CS forks and 2017-2023 WP XPlor forks 

All Springs made in USA, from the best material available!

We will ensure you have the correct rate spring for your weight, skill and style of riding once you make your purchase.

Our springs are one of the best on the market because we are purchasing a higher quality wire (ASTM-A-1000 instead of ASTM-A401-A). This allows us to produce a lighter, more stable product. The purchase of higher quality shot peen has allowed us to fine tune the stress relief process and remove most of the residual stresses that occur in wire when wound into a spring. Therefore, we are now able to manufacture a product that will sack less, travel more and are less likely to break. The Signature Series springs are further processed and finished for an even higher quality spring than the normal stock.

Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions20 × 4 × 2 in
Fork Spring Rate:

.36, .38, .40, .42, .44, .46, .48, .50, .52, .54, .56, .58, .60