Moto Lab Shipping


  1.  Make sure you have completed our Request Form (click here).  We will respond back within 24 hours (M-F). Using a DOUBLE gun/rifle case is the best way for shipment. (You can also use a box that measures about 52x15x4 inches.) We’ll email you a FEDEX label, using our discounted rates.
  2. Securely wrap your forks/shock with shop towels, bubble wrap or anything to protect it (see helpful tips below for case instructions). *Please also make sure to fill the empty void around your suspension with an old towel, etc. so that components do not bang off each other/cause your case to break, during transit.*
  3. Apply the FEDEX Shipping label to the outside of your box/case and drop off at ANY Fedex location. And don’t worry – we insure your suspension accordingly.


Shipping suspension

Helpful TIPS for SHIPPING:

  •  If shipping on your own behalf, make sure we are aware your suspension is on it’s way, before you ship it. This way we can be sure all parts are in stock to ensure a quick turnaround for you.
  •  When using a case, zip tie the locking loops. Then, please WRAP CLEAR TAPE OVER THE LATCHES and COMPLETELY AROUND THE CASE to prevent opening, even if the case is inside of a box. Also wrap tape around the ends of the case.
  • Be sure to wrap all components with bubble wrap or old shop towels. Wrap leaking fork seals with a garbage bag and clear packing tape.
  • Fill any void around your suspension with old shop towels, bubble wrap, paper, etc. so that parts do no hit each other or break your case.
  • Label the outside of the case “MOTORCYCLE  PARTS”. 
  • If shipping on your own behalf, *Don’t forget to insure your shipment with a value of $3,500 (for newer bikes) or $2,500 (for older bikes). Please ship via Fedex or UPS. (Do NOT ship via USPS.)
  • Remove fork air bleeders or expansion chambers and put the stock screws with O-rings back in. Otherwise oil will leak everywhere during shipping and you will ruin your case. (Photo on this page for reference.)
  • Include your contact information somewhere inside the case/box.
  • Please DO NOT use shipping peanuts or you may be charged a cleanup fee.
  • Please CLEAN your suspension components before shipping them to us. If they are dirty, you may be charged a cleaning fee.
  • It is Your Responsibility to protect your suspension during shipment and follow the above tips. Failure to properly pack and secure your components can result in damaged parts. We are not liable for improper packing of your suspension.


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Remove Fork Air Bleeders