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Our mission at Moto Lab is to help clients achieve their highest level of comfort, confidence, and deliver top level personalized suspension performance.

Turn Around Time in Days

Ready to have the BEST DIRT BIKE SUSPENSION? Look no further.

Anyone can bolt on parts for you and call them “upgrades”, but here at Moto Lab, we specialize in customizing your dirt bike suspension to match YOU and your specific skills, terrain you ride on, and style of riding. That’s what makes us confident to say, we are the BEST DIRT BIKE SUSPENSION shop in the US!

Experienced, knowledgeable, friendly, honest and fair pricing… that’s what you can expect when you have your dirt bike suspension tuned by our certified suspension technician. Over 15 years of suspension tuning, testing and refining on KTM, Husky, Gasgas, Yamaha, Honda and most other major brands. We look forward to helping you out today!

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What Our Customers Have To Say About Us (click here for more testimonials)

“If you’re looking to lower your bike, or tune your suspension, and have it done right by a caring professional, I highly recommend contacting Moto Lab. My comfort on the bike, and confidence level improved, I could focus on improving skills, and I was having FUN!”

David M.

Vet A - Offroad

“Turnaround was fast, prices were excellent and a better overall product than what I’ve had in the past from a well known east coast suspension shop. East coast approved!”

Kyle M.

Expert A - Offroad