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Here at Moto Lab, we strive to be your best resource for Husqvarna and KTM expert suspension tuning.  From custom Lowering Services to Revalve Services, our purpose is to help you make your ride the best it can be!


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Our mission here at Moto Lab is to help clients achieve their highest level of comfort, confidence, and deliver top level personalized dirtbike suspension performance. We offer our clients customized lowering services, personalized spring rates, custom internal fork and shock re-valve, fork seal replacement, factory quality SKF seal replacement, and much more! We specialize in KTM and Husqvarna suspension tuning.

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What Our Customers Have To Say About Us (more testimonials under About tab)

After 25+ years of not riding, I was excited to buy my first true dirt bike since my 84 Husky 250WR. Picking up my 2015 Husky 350FE, I was pumped to ride it in upcoming Dual Sport ride one week later.

Once on the trail at the DS, two facts became very clear: 1) At 5’ 6”, and with a 29” inseam, I was having trouble touching the ground, and dabbing through the rough stuff, 2) the suspension wasn’t set up for my weight/riding style. This lack of comfort and control resulted in a lack of confidence, and multiple falls. At the end of the day my confidence was shattered, I didn’t have fun, and questioned the $9000+ spent on a new bike, and why I even returned to riding.

I contacted Rob Kozler at Moto Lab who recommended lowering the bike 1”, and tune the suspension to my weight and riding style. Rob explained that he lowers the bike suspension internally, and doesn’t just change rear links or fork position in triple clamps, which changes the bikes handling characteristics.

After a quick turnaround time, and proper sag setting, the results were quick to see on the first ride. The Moto Lab lowering kit, and suspension tuned to my weight/riding skill made a world of difference. I was able to touch the ground, and bike control when standing or sitting was much improved. My comfort on the bike, and confidence level improved, I could focus on improving skills, and I was having FUN!

If you’re looking to lower your bike, or tune your suspension, and have it done right by a caring professional, I highly recommend contacting Rob Kozler at Moto Lab.

David M.

Vet A - Offroad

The first real ride on my new Moto Lab suspension was at the Snowshoe GNCC in West Virginia, regarded as one of the toughest races on the east coast. I put the suspension to the most extreme test that I could think of and after 3.5 hrs of racing, I came away really impressed with how my 530 handled the terrain. […] I was really impressed with how the bike handled the heavy breaking and acceleration bumps, nothing like being able to put all the power of a 530 to the ground without getting bucked around. Talking to Rob beforehand laid out a solid foundation for what I demanded in a suspension revalve. Turnaround was fast, prices were excellent and a better overall product than what I’ve had in the past from a well known east coast suspension shop. East coast approved!

Kyle M.

Expert A - Offroad