Rob, wanted to thank you for the great job you did in lowering my KTM.  I have ridden my bike more since you worked on it than in the past several years… With your help, riders of all heights can enjoy them to the fullest.  I am enjoying dirt bike riding again.
Dr. Joey C.

-3" Lowering, KTM 300XC

I quite honestly can’t put into words how pleased I am with my suspension. I never knew riding could feel this way. From the beginning email and all the way through to where you helped me with tips with putting it back together. I work in the service industry and understand customer service and quality work. You guys are the total package. I look forward to many years of sending my stuff to you thanks again every company should copy your model.

Bobby T.

Revalve '18 KTM SX

I am very pleased with the work you have done, I could tell the bike was perfect as soon as I took the bike off the lift. Just looking at the height I new it was much better than before. So I was able to sit on the bike and crank with out leaning, Both feet on the ground, Perfect. The ride on very rough wash out roads and potholes, the bike felt much more stable. Best modification I have made to the Bike, well worth the money. Thanks for the superior service work and very Quick turn around time to install the Lowering kit. Highly recommended to any one riding rough terrain, I am 5′ 10″ it works for me.

Mark P.

-2" Lowering

After going through some whoops sections, washes, hill climbs, small jumps and rutted single tracks, the bike handled excellent, never bottomed out and cornered nicely.  It was a 100% improvement that I will be happy to recommend to anyone.
Carlos S.

3" Lowering, Husky

Suspension is awesome, I have put about 3 hours on the bike since the modifications and rides perfect! I feel very comfortable now riding it. Hit a couple gnarly hills during that 3 hrs and had no worries on the suspension… performed great. Thank you again Rob for your excellent work!




Custom -3” Lowering Service, In house

Rob, thank you for lowering my 2015 KTM 500 EXC two inches. I was concerned at first that my suspension would be ruined but wow was I wrong.  I just got back from riding 5 days in Tillimook forest in Oregon.  My bike perfectly fits me now. I should have done this years ago. I was so tired of falling on my bike going 1 MPH because I couldn’t touch on off chamber trails.   It is so perfect now.  I’m 5’8″ and I can touch with my heels now.  This mod and a lower seat is the ticket to having the perfect ride.
Also, the bike has a more plush feel now which I like.  THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!
Dave B.

2" Lowering, KTM 500 EXC

I’ve had the bike out a couple of times on mountain trails and sandy washes. The suspension seems to be just what I need. Lowering it was one of the best things for my riding style.

Lowering Service

This place is awesome! Rob does a great job and really listens to his customers.
Micah Schisel

The bike is handling amazing!  Thanks for all your help!
Robert B

Excellent Service, Excellent price. Rob slammed my wife’s bike and it change MY life!
Steve Thompson

Rob has been doing the suspension on my Ktm and husqvarna bikes for the last 4 years , what’s impressive is he’s a 1 stop shop ,small operation with knowledge and experience that gives excellent results and he stays current in the always evolving science of dirt bike suspension technology .go to him 1st, your gonna end up there anyways
Tom Brown

I would highly recommend Moto Lab. I’m 5′ 9″ and my recently purchased KTM 530 was way too tall. Rob suggested lowering the bike 2″. He chose the proper spring rates for my weight and riding style. The bike handles like a dream. The bike is the perfect height. I can touch the ground with the balls of my feet. 5 stars for quick turn around and expert advice!
Rod Uyekawa

2" Lowering, KTM

Bike performed awesome just as you set it up. I didn’t change any clickers or anything. Nice and plush, tracks straight, and never surprises me (expect the throttle). Marshall  was riding behind me on the first ride, in the wet, and he was shocked that it was my first ride on the 500. He said I looked perfectly at home on it. I was taking it kind of easy, getting the know the bike, and trying to stay smooth. I took it as a huge compliment and indicator of how great this bike is for me.
Ben A.

KTM 500

First and most important, it was a pleasure working with you on this. Your service, availability, responsiveness, expertise, and quick turn made this a different experience than I’m used to (better).

Overall, I feel much better on the bike. They come one size fits all and I have shorter than average legs probably with an inseam of 30.” Much more confident now. I can get almost flat-footed on the ground whereas before it easy toe tips only.

Mike M.

Lowering Service

Rob is great really knows what he is going best suspension I have ever had highly recommend motolab.
Cory Borgognone

While guys my age start selling their bikes because “getting too old”, Rob at Motolab, has certainly extended my time on a dirt bike. With his experience and care for the customer, his suspension work has really dialed in the fit for me. After 55+ years of dirt bikes, I still enjoy ridding, working on, and buying stuff for my bike. The bike brings more to me than just orange and beautiful..I exercise, eat right, and plan my next dirt bike adventures. Thanks Rob

Absolutely fantastic service. Ordered stiffer replacement springs for my 2017 KTM 350 EXC-F and they were delivered quickly and correctly and I was able to install them very quickly thanks to the outstanding YouTube videos that Rob Kozler posted. The bike is now much better than stock, it’s handling perfectly and I feel so much more confident on it now. This is a business that seriously cares about its customers and that ensures that communication is always flowing. I am very impressed – if all businesses were like this, we would have peace in the world…..!! THANKS ROB..! 🙂
Magnus Lundin

Just wanted to let you know that I picked up my bike last weekend and [my local suspension shop] did a great job of installing the kit. I can easily swing my leg over the bike and the riding position feels great.  It’s a great bike, but with a stock seat height of 39”, it was way too tall. Thanks for helping to make it rideable for me!
Russell K.

Lowering Kit purchase

Great products and outstanding support with my questions. I would highly recommend Rob and Moto Lab.
Matt Isch

Great Job re-valving KTM 350 xcf-w open chamber forks to be able to handle enduro race pace on the east coast
Randy S

Moto Lab set up my 2015 KTM 500 xcw with stiffer springs and superplush suspension that handles all the east coast single track ruts, roots and rocks. The bike corners amazingly, can handle heavy hits when at race pace and I can ride it all day long with less fatigue and more confidence. This is my 2nd bike with Moto Lab suspension, why change what works, Rob does a great job in listening to what I want from my bike/suspension and customizes it for what I need.
Kyle Milne

Your work has greatly helped with my confidence, both on and off road. In all my years riding and 31 bikes, this is the first time I ever sent my suspension off. I can’t believe the difference. Big improvement. I am totally satisfied with the shorter 2″ drop, and everything else you did. Thanks a bunch.
Craig M.

2" Lowering

The bike is awesome. The setup is rockin! Thanks!
Tom F

KTM 350

I’m 194 lbs no gear, and 5’10”… my bike right out of the box felt too soft and couldn’t dial in the SAG with the original springs and shock, and I really wasn’t complaining about the height as I always ridden without any adjustments. Then I started researching and found the benefits of adjusting your bike for full enjoyment.

And here is where I found MotoLab, and had the pleasure of speaking with Rob, gave him my information how I like to ride, and he made his recommendations and voila… The following work was done: Lowered my KTM by 1” both front and back, changed the suspension to match my weight. I sent everything on a Monday and got my reworked suspension back by Saturday morning, ready for the weekend. After a little bit of adjusting of the SAG (super important)… everything came together, and I have to say that I am super happy, both having adjusted the suspension, and what a difference lowering the bike by only 1”, pivot turns, gnarly hills and little canyons, done with a lot more confidence and control. If you are undecided go for it, and you’ll be happy you follow Rob’s advice. MotoLab rules…

Javier R.

1" Lowering, KTM

Rob provides top notch service and genuinely cares. He is an avid Dirt Biker and understands our wants and needs. If you need something done and want it done right, call Rob Kozler. He is the only guy I let work on my bikes.
Frank Staley

Rob is a great guy with a lot of knowledge! He setup my YZ250 suspension absolutely perfect with a very quick turnaround time. Very Professional with great communication.
Austin Szenina

Sent my suspension from my 2014 KTM 350 EXCF to Motolab and it was turned around and back to me in 2 days. Incredible service and communication. Bike has been transformed into a supple, properly dampened machine that handles 100% better than before. Wish I had sent the parts over right after I bought the bike in 2014. I had no idea how bad the stock set up was until I rode the Motolab set up suspension that was built for my weight and riding style. Great service and a massive improvement to the bike.
Jon H

These guys are great. Can’t wait to get my suspenion lowered by them.
Steve Gruber

I’ve had Rob at Moto Lab re-valve several sets of suspension for me for the past few years on multiple bikes. Currently I have a 2006 YZ250 set up in off-road trim. I ride A level single track here in Arizona which seems to be a mix of loose and embedded rock with interspersed whoops and sand mixed in for good measure. Not the easiest thing to valve suspension for…I have found that many of the other re-valved bikes I have ridden tend to be too soft for my liking in what seems to be a futile quest to achieve “plushness” everywhere. I expressed my desire to Rob not to turn the bike into wallowy marshmallow and keep the good traits of the KYB SSS forks while achieving some compliance particularly in the mid-stroke area to help from ping-ponging off rocks. When I got the suspension back from Rob, I bolted everything up, set the sag at ~102mm, and went out on our local singletrack loop here in Flagstaff. The loop is a baby-head strewn rock garden for much of it with some fast and flowy breather sections in-between. Out of the box,I was amazed at how stable the bike was with the new valving. I can honestly say this is by far the best suspension setup of any of my previous bikes, or anything else I have ridden in the past. In addition, his turnaround time and communication throughout was excellent. I mailed the forks and shock out in a plastic gun case and once received he had them done in one day and back in the mail to me the next day.
Geoff Chain

Absolutely amazing what a great suspension setup that is dialed for the rider can do. I am way more comfortable, and can ride more aggressively with far less crashes.
James Ransdell

Rob is the go to Guru for your suspension needs. I am on my second bike with him and I have always been stoked on the results. Call Now!
Bob Jones