What is a revalve and why should it matter to you?


What is a revalve? Without going into detail and sparing you the painful technical jargon, a revalve changes the suspension characteristics or ride quality. The ride quality is defined by dynamic fluid flow (through pistons or ports), more so the resistance to fluid flow. This is achieved by using a set number/amount of shims, size/diameter of shims, and thickness of shims, on both compression and rebound circuits. We strive to re-use and tune with OEM pistons and only in some rare cases, source aftermarket for these on a special needs basis.

Why is this important to you? Your motorcycle from the factory is set up with a generic *one size fits all*, and there is no way they could know/tune to every customers needs or skill set. Typically the manufacturer simply installs springs usually for 165-187lb rider (with gear) and a generic compression and rebound valving/shim stack. While this may¬†work OK in some situations, you certainly won’t see the full potential and capture the true performance potential of your suspension and skill set. That’s where we come in! Acquiring as much information up front as possible allows us to essentially custom fit the bike to you, raising confidence and providing a balanced, controlled ride. Everyone can benefit from a Moto Lab revalve!


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Fork & Shock Revalve Details
$225 per end ($450 total) Base Price (includes Labor, shims, nitrogen, custom valving specs) *Oils and springs not included in this price.
Your shock & forks are fully dissembled for a complete inspection and are fully cleaned, inside and out.
Custom valving to your specifications listed on the Request Form provided by you.
All compression and rebound clickers are preset as well as suggested included base settings in the form of a reference sheet.
All of our modification utilize factory components/pistons unless otherwise specified.
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