Having your suspension personalized is hands down, the best single modification you can make to your Dirt Bike, Dual Sport, or Adventure Bike!

Whether it’s that cushy dual sport set up, Lowering of your forks or shock, desert single track, or the gnarly rutted out roots of the east coast trails, Moto Lab has got all your suspension needs covered at a price that’s just right.

Unlike most competitors who use a *one size fit’s all approach* to re valve your Dirt Bike suspension or Dual Sport bike, we carefully listen to your specific desires and apply real world testing experience to assure you get the improved performance you desire from your suspension.

We continue to test and refine all of our valving combinations to continue to deliver top notch performance, at a fair price. Whenever you bring your suspension for a service we can apply an update to your valving absolutely free of charge.

Moto Lab uses a high efficiency shock service machine that uses a vacuum pump, and a nitrogen pressurized oil chamber that circulates oil in/out of your shock under both positive and negative pressures. This method guarantees there is only moisture free and air free oil inside your shock.

We use: Maxima Racing suspension fluids (unless you request otherwise), 5 wt. in the front forks (150+ VI), and high viscosity shock specific (390+VI) Full synthetic 3 wt. in the rear.

Oil change intervals:

You wouldn’t race all season on the same engine oil, right? Of course not, and that’s a good way to think about your KTM suspension oil too. After about 20 hours of extreme racing both shock and fork oil should be changed as it too breaks down, and then you no longer have the protection you need inside your suspension to keep the components from rapidly /prematurely wearing. If your trail riding every weekend I would recommend changing your suspension oil every 40 hours, max.