We believe in protecting and promoting your best interest when it comes to riding comfort and confidence! We believe in personal connections that last a lifetime!

No one picks up a “one size fits all” and is completely satisfied with the fit, right? The same goes with suspension. The fact is, manufacturers seek out their ideal “average” 167-187lb (with gear) person, and sets up a bike in a state in which I call a “blanket” set up, which is a generic “one size fits all” scenario. Let’s face it, we’re all kinds of different riders/racers out there with different height, weight, skill levels, and riding disciplines such as: KTM Dual Sport, Trail Riding, Single Track, Motocross, Enduro racing, WORCS racing, GNCC racing, Super Moto, and Dirt Track. That’s where we come in to help you, one on one, with real live passionate people who care, and actually still ride, with years of experience in many different disciplines. We treat your needs with utmost respect and priority.

We offer our clients customized lowering services, personalized spring rates, custom internal fork and shock re-valve, fork seal replacement, factory quality SKF seal replacement, and much more! We find that you actually do meet some of the nicest people on a motorcycle and we enjoy building continuing relationships now and into the future.

Suspension Tuning Specialist

Certified Factory Mechanic

Rob is a former mechanic of trials champion and 2012 Enduro Cross X Games silver medalist Cody Webb, GNCC Racing’s Kyle Milne, and built motors for 2012 Enduro Cross Jr. Champion Max Gerston, to name a few.

Rob is a  Certified mechanic with well over 1500 hours of factory trained hands on instruction, 16 + years of motor building experience, and a former C.N.C. master machinist. When it comes to precision and attention to details, rest assured you’ve hired the best for your dirt bike/dual sport/adventure bike suspension tuning.

Great Customer Service

Rob Kozler, owner of Moto Lab has been riding and training with the off road community for over 33 years. He is an active member of the Arizona Trail Riders, Prescott Trail Riders, A.M.A.,  AMRA racing, Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan..and more, and supports responsible off road riding and trail use. Rob is simply passionate about the sport and being involved in any way possible to lend a helping hand.


Here are a few suspension and bike build projects we’ve done with Dirt Bike Magazine, Sean Collier (back to back 2 stroke National champ), Dave Simon, and FMF: