Hello, and welcome back to the Moto Lab project Husky TE 300 Build series.
Today we catch up with Shep in the woods to do a quick overview on the bike and a recap of round 8 in the NEPG national enduro Series of the Grassman Enduro. Shep raced the bike in the 45+ class to a solid 7th place! That’s impressive! The bike is really quite amazing overall. The WP XPlor 48 mm fork is fantastic, we haven’t touched a clicker yet, it’s that good! the shock action is very good as well, again we haven’t adjusted anything over the stock settings. Making sure we had the proper springs in the bike for the riders weight allowed us to build a baseline to adjust from. Otherwise if we were to use the stock soft springs the bike would have been extremely poor handling. You’d experience poor braking, acceleration, cornering, and overall suspension action.
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