Hello there! This weeks Tech Tech is about something very routine, yet very important: Air filters.

It’s very important to ensure the longevity of your motorcycles engine that you ensure it’s always breathing fresh filtered air.

Everyone has their own ritual when it comes to cleaning their air filters so what I’d like to do is share with you how I clean mine.

1. Put some disposable gloves on and remove your air filter.

2. Soak your air filter with and automotive parts store engine de greaser (not the foamy kind), massage it well into the filter and let sit for 10 minutes.

3. Rinse the filter (important) from the inside outward, this way the debris gets pushed back out and not inward.

4. Massage some dish soap and Simple Green degreaser into the filter and let sit for approximately 5 minutes then rinse well.

5. Try not to wring out the filter as you’ll tear the foam cells and hurt the filter, let it fully air dry.

6. Put on a set of gloves and get ready to oil. I use Silkolene pour on filter oil which really works well. Scrunch the air filter slightly in your hand and dump on about 2 ounces of oil and massage the air filter (adding more oil as needed) until the filter is coated with a nice uniform color. Try not to squeeze the extra oil out but wrap it in a couple paper towels/ shop towels and blot the extra oil off. ***NOTE please DO NOT use motor oil***

7. Now its time to properly fit the filter to the cage and re install. After the air filter appears to be seated correctly take your fingers and run them fully around the outer perimeter and feel that its seated and there are no gaps. This is a very simple step that is very important. I’ve seen people overlook this and endure costly rebuilds on what was a perfectly healthy motor.

8. Fire your bike up, go out and enjoy your ride knowing your motor is ready for any condition out on the track, trail or dusty dirt road!