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A mousse, or bib mousse, is designed to replace the inner tube. Acting as an airless inner tube, a mousse cannot be punctured and provides much greater protection for rims than tubes. It is a ring of butyl honeycomb foam and a smooth-molded outer skin that is designed to slip into specific size off-road motorcycle tires. Popularity of the bib mousse has increased with the rise of extreme enduro and hard enduro races internationally, due to better traction and the absence of punctures. Mousses are increasingly popular for motocross racing too.

Who out there has had a flat? Yep, pretty much anyone who’s ever ridden before has experienced a flat tire. Flats suck! Not only do flat tires suck, but carrying all that extra weight on your back is a real bummer. The extra tube, the pump, patch kit, tire irons, Co2…etc. ALl that stuff adds up. Speaking of which, have you weighed yourself with gear? I bet if you’re tail riding it will be roughly around 25-30 lbs.
Ditch all that stuff and ride with confidence knowing you WILL NOT get a flat tire. It will seriously change the way you ride. Instead of cautiously riding and slowing down over the roots, square edges, and step ups you can simply hammer them and stop getting stuck and tipping over.
Enduro Mousses are designed specifically for off-road Enduro and motocross racing, due to a demand for lower pressures and longer wear. Traditional mousses usually wear quickly, and are often not soft enough for good traction until a decent running in period. 3D Racing Enduro Mousses do not require a running in period and provide a softness that is equivalent to 9PSI for excellent immediate traction for both enduro and motocross events. Each mousse consists of a proprietary material that provides a longer life than a traditional mousse, and weighs less than a heavy duty tube.