Tired of not being able to touch the ground on your KTM AER air fork bike (XC/XC-F/SX/SX-F), or the Husky AER air fork bike (FX/FC/TX/TC)? Even though they have the air forks, we can still help you lower your dirt bike. You will have to ship your suspension to us, as there is some machining that needs to be done on the damper rod – this can be reversed in the future, but you would have to be a new one.

-2″ is the lowest we can go on these models, and will make a world of difference for you.

Get started now! For a pricing quote on lowering your AER air fork bike (includes the CNC machining), fill out our form here to get started: https://www.motolabdirtbikes.com/request-form/

We can also lower the Gasgas air fork bike models.

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