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This applies to all WP AER or Air fork models 2017 and 2018 as I believe the 2018 models had no changes. SX, SX-F, XC, XC-F TC, FC, TX, FX
Upon first riding the 2017 Husky TX300 I felt that it never handled like a typical 2 stroke should. In other words it never felt light and flick-able, didn’t have the response input through the pegs handling when going through S turns and such. It wasn’t until I measured for myself that the WP 48 mm AER or air fork is MUCH longer than the older 4CS. Why is it this way? That I do not know, but, one thing I do know for sure is having that much extra length makes the bike feel VERY tall, and not handle very good at all!

The good news is that the modification is FREE and very effective! I know people freak out seeing the fork stick so high above the triple clamps, but go against your natural instincts and just try it! Try 12mm (the amount of just the tube, and not the cap included) to start, sticking above the top surface of the triple clamp.

Testing in rocky slow technical to faster 3-4th gear situations proves to feel MUCH better right away. The bike has less of a *Chopper* feel to it, the turn in for corners is incredible, like it should be. Now the input through the pegs has an effortless 2 stroke feel, light and responsive!

No matter where you’re riding geographically, I think you will definitely like the simple changes this modification can bring to up your riding game!

Go ahead and give it a try, be sure to follow your bike’s torque spec and experiment what feels best for you!