Hello, everyone! We’re out here today at Bentley’s in Murraysville, PA (www.bentleysmotorcycles.com) they have some great true out the door pricing on KTM, Husqvarna, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Polaris.

We’re answering your questions today about back to back comparisons between a stock KTM/Husky versus the same model which has been lowered 2 inches. We’re going to take measurements on both bikes of the seat height, ground clearance, and show you toe positioning while sitting on both bikes.

We measured the sag numbers on both models with the MoTool Slacker digital sag scale to get some hard data for you to see exactly whats what.

With the stock 18 KTM here it is untouched as the shock spring has 10 mm or preload making for a total of 32 mm of static or free sag. Without gear and 103 mm of rider sag, and a 31″ inseam we end up with the tips of the toes barely touching the ground. The seat height is about 38″. Ground clearance is about 13.75″ with the bike on the kick stand, this is measured at the lowest point of the frame.

Lets jump on the 2″ lower bike and get a seat height measurement. Roughly a 36″ seat height. The ground clearance is about 12-12-3/8″. Sitting on the bike you’ll notice, with a 31″ inseam, the balls of my feet are comfortably resting on the ground. If you would like to supplement a bit more, go with a low seat from KTM or Seat Concepts.

A lot of people ask if the sag remains the same, and that’s a great question. Any time you lower your bike you want to use about 35-36% of the total available suspension travel for your new rider sag. For example, if your bike had 12.2″ of travel stock, then it was lowered -2″, 35.5% of 10.2″ would be 92 mm (10.2×25.4 (to get inches to mm) then multiply by .355, this is your new rider sag. On the stock bike the manufacturer calls for about 110 mm of rider sag.

Head on over to www.motolabdirtbikes.com for an all electronic, easy to use form to enter in your, and your bike’s info for a free detailed quote. We also custom lower *most* makes and models, 2007 and newer, so let your friends know if they, too are struggling with the height of their bike. Thank you to Bentley’s for hosting and we hope everyone has a great week out there!

(Please check out our Moto Lab Youtube Channel for the video of this.)