Today we’re lowering the 2017 Husky 701 Enduro 2″ front and rear.

We’d like to share a few tips on how to remove the shock, for lowering. Start by removing the seat, rear fender, both side panels (right side is tricky, use a 90* pick tool to pull open the plastic latch at the front of the panel), and the muffler. On the 2 lower bolts that hold the gas tank in place, once you remove one, you’ll need to insert a 5mm allen wrench to keep the sleeve from spinning internally.

Once both bolts are out you will also need to disconnect the positive wire that connects to the starter. This will enable you to lift the tank/tail section high enough to lift the shock up and out.

Now you’re all set to either tackle the fork removal, or pack both front and rear suspension up and send them on in for a custom lowering job!

If you have a trusted local suspension tuner you would like to use, we can sell you all the components needed to perform the lowering job.

We can perform motorcycle lowering modifications on most major makes and models for off-road, Dual Sport, or Adventure bikes. Please feel free to give us a call at 423-900-2233 E-mail