This video is merely an example, and by no means is a substitute for a certified technician, shop manual procedure, or common sense. If you in any way, shape, or form feel like you do not have the skills and finesse required to complete the job, ALWAYS have a certified technician perform the job.

Removing your shock with linkage can be a chore. Having an option such as removing it from the bottom, while at first might seem more difficult, might just be twice as east AND fast.

I know for a fact, the earlier KTM models with linkage (2012-2014) you can just unbolt the linkage and the shock will pass through the opening in the swing arm, without having to fully remove it.

Pulling the shock out through the top in most cases I’ve found it to be twice as tedious as you’re dealing with quite a bit of more components and systems. Pulling through the bottom allows you to work with just the one system. Also it provides a great opportunity to inspect your swing arm and linkage bearings.

Your suspension “system” is just that, a series of components that make up the entire functioning system. That’s right, everything right down to your tires. Bad bearings, old rock hard tires, fish oil fluid, leaky seals, and worn bushings all make for a bad overall performance potential.

Growing up, my buddy Justin’s dad once said: ” For every hour you ride, you’ll have to work on it twice as long” That saying stuck with me over the years and encouraged me to be more diligent about maintenance. I hope those words will also make you more aware of your bikes maintenance.

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