Basics of Dirt Bike and Dual Sport suspension set up

Welcome to ! Today we’re going to spend a very important couple of minutes on the basics of suspension set up.
In order to establish a baseline to build from, you first need to make sure that you have the proper spring rates for your weight. Period.
Secondly, making sure that the suspension has fresh oil. Regularly servicing your suspension’s oil is critical to consistent performance and preventing critical breakdown and pre-mature wear.

Third, re-set the ¬†suspension clickers to the factory suggested settings. This will , once again, give you a point of reference to start from. Usually your manual will provide these settings. If you don’t have a manual, either give us a call at 928-362-1486, or simply set the clickers in the middle of the range.

Okay, now for the MOST IMPORTANT step. Setting your rider sag. This will make or break your suspension set up. Setting your sag allows the bike to have the proper geometry while your individual weight rests on the bike. This affects, handling, cornering, acceleration, braking, and is surely a step you do not want to overlook.

Once this is complete you’ll be able to simply ride and get a feel for your current Dirt bike suspension setup. Chances are you’ll actually like it and may not require any further modifications.

However, if you race, are more than 20-30 lbs over the factory set up, are an A rider, compete in extreme enduro..etc I would strongly suggest a suspension re valve to have the suspension personalized to you, your bike, and exactly what you’re using it for.

Other things that will affect suspension performance would be:
*Old, hard tires.
*Excessive or low air pressure (Check this and experiment)
*Corroded swing arm and linkage bearings
*Corroded steering stem bearings

All these things add up and are certainly worth making sure you’re on top of to give yourself, and your bike, the best chance possible for peak performance.

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