XPLor Fork Springs:

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Hello! Thanks for joining us here for the basic tear down of the new WP XPlor 48 mm fork that comes on the Husky TE models and the KTM EXC-F and XC-W models, as well as Husky TE, FE, FE-S.

When you think about it, the suspension is the most critical systems on your bike. Without the proper set up it will affect braking, geometry, acceleration, bump/jump compliance, turning, and overall handling.

The XPLor forks come from the factory sprung VERY soft. 2 Stroke’s we’ve seen come with .40 and 4 strokes .42. While there are a lot of factors that play into choosing the correct rate for your application, for your average 200 pound rider, the bikes are too soft for BOTH, front and rear. When you have incorrect rates, being too soft, the fork will sit farther than intended/engineered down into the stroke prematurely compressing the air chamber. This will cause the suspension to wallow, feel harsh and unpredictable, and overall unstable.

It’s a great trail fork and when used as such, the forks very seldom need any major modification. If your application requires an extreme application review, we have those readily available as well.