The stock KTM seat height is over 38.2″ without any weight on it. Jane decided it was neither safe, or fun to ride a dirt bike that high. Why suffer when you don’t have to?

Hello, everyone. Today we’re showcasing a 2017 KTM 250 EXC-F that we lowered internally -3″. This is an extreme lowering amount, but if you have a 28″ or 29″ inseam, this may be a perfect lowering amount for you. Lowering your dirt bike internally with the proper Moto Lab components, allows you to retain all the factory geometry and mounting locations!

Ship your suspension to us and we do all the hard work for you! When you get your components back, you have a 100% complete, well thought-out custom fit suspension to fit YOU! It’s a great investment if you plan on using your dirt bike a lot and want to have fun on it!

Not sure how low to go? A great way to figure out just how much you need to lower your bike (if you’re within 165-187 lbs range of the stock spring) is to put some blocks of wood under your feet when you’re sitting on the dirt bike. When you reach your comfort zone of touching the blocks, measure the thickness of the blocks. This will give you an idea of how low you would want to go and to get you that boost of confidence!

There are a number of options available here at Moto Lab Dirt Bikes to help make your ride the best it can be! Please don’t hesitate to call today, we look forward to hearing from you.

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