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Lowering the KTM 300 4 inches!

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Lowering the KTM 300 4 inches!
Sometimes lowering mean the difference between riding, or not.

Today we’re going to showcase the KTM 300 in which our friend and customer, Charlie had asked to help. The biggest problem Charlie faced was being able to swing his leg over the super tall seat! Charlie had faith that he turned to the KTM and Husky suspension specialist for the job. After some detailed conversations, notes, and a couple phone calls, we had a plan mapped out and we started stringing parts together for his custom build.
A common misconception is that if you lower the bike, you’ll kill the suspension performance, this is NOT TRUE. When you’re ready to have your bike lowered professional, trust the pro’s at Moto Lab to handle it right, the first time!
We’re on a mission to bring you real life, real world results to custom fit the bike to who you are, your skill level, the type of terrain you ride on, and match it to your weight and bike type.
With advancements in modern technology, having brilliant engineers and machinists who ride, and a lifelong passion we understand what it takes to:
* Develop a plan
*Deliver results that you’re looking for
*Build relationships that last a lifetime

There is no reason why you should suffer from the super tall bikes if you’re struggling. We understand that one size does not fit all, and make the kits, and services available to you with choices.
*Ship your suspension to us for modifications/service
*Purchase a lowering kit or components
*DIY, or have a local professional help install the kits

Please feel free to call 423-900-2233, e-mail info@motolabdirtbikes.com
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