Thinking about lowering your dirt bike? At Moto Lab, we are the experts when it comes to lowering! We have been lowering dirt bikes for a long time, and do it every day at our shop.

Why choose our Lowering Kits? You will get the best value because:

1.You will receive springs that match your weight and riding ability. Other kits out there come with stock rate springs and let’s face it: most of us are not within those weight ranges. OR they don’t come with all the springs needed to lower your bike properly, which is only half a kit.

2. We will also choose your rates FOR YOU! Just fill out our Rider Form with all of your information, and since we’re the experts, we will figure out the best rates springs to match you. No more comparing charts, and looking up manuals, trying to figure out rates.

3. As we mentioned above, we literally lower bikes. every. single. day. We know what we’re doing! Ship your suspension to us to install a kit for you. We have found that many dealers or “suspension companies” “claim” they can install a kit, and then they end up doing it wrong. So then, the suspension ends up coming to us anyway, to fix it! Save yourself the time and money, and just sent it to us from the beginning.

4. When you ship your suspension to us, a Revalve is included in the lowering! So not only do you get a lowered bike, but you get one that is custom fit to YOU! Bikes come with generic settings, so when we revalve it for you, it will be better fit you specifically and what you’re doing with the bike.

Check out our lowering page for more information:
If you’re ready to get started, please fill out our Rider Profile form here:
If you want to buy a Lowering Kit:

Aftermarket Shorty Kickstands:
Warp 9:
also Swiftkicker brand makes some.

We can lower the following models:
(If you don’t see your model listed, email or call us!)
KTM EXC/XCW 125-500
KTM 690/790/890 – models without electronic suspension
KTM1090/1190/1290 R models without electronic suspension
KTM Freeride
Husqvarna FE/TE 125-501
Husky 701
Yamaha WR/YZ
Honda CRF
GasGas EC/EX

Email us at:
Or call 423-900-2233

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