Why suspension service is important.

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Would you ever consider racing or priding an entire season on the same engine oil? Yeah, me either. So why is it exactly so important to maintain your suspension? First lets talk a little about the job the the oil has. It cools, cleans, lubricates, and suspends contaminates. So, why is this important, and what does this have to do with my suspension?

First, suspension not only supports your weight, but the weight of the bike, too. As you can imagine all that weight on 2 tiny wear surfaces of the bushings and a very thin layer of oil. Secondly, having a proper suspension set up for your weight with the right rate springs, fresh SKF seals, OEM bushings, and fresh oil are the very first steps towards establishing a proper baseline in which you can start from.

Now you have the ability to gather what you feel from adjusting the suspension via different clicker settings either based on the factory manual and their recommended settings or adjusting from there on your own. We also can provide with free advice any time, simply call us at 928-362-1486.
With the Husqvarna and KTM dual sport bikes today, they come with some really decent components and you don’t want to cause permanent damage due to neglect. The motors are super smooth, yet make a ton of power, the chassis is sharp handling, and the brakes are remarkable. So really your biggest asset is to have the suspension first set up for your weight with the right suspension springs, set to the factory settings with the proper sag, and then serviced regularly at the very least. This should be your very first step when modifying your bike to give yourself, and your new bike a fair shake at how it was engineered to ride.

Then, when you’re ready to take your riding to the next level, call us to receive free shipping on having your KTM suspension re valved to match your skill level, adjust it to your bike type, the terrain you’re riding on, and what your current complaints are.

So what are you waiting for, an unsafe under sprung bike to pitch you off the trail before you get it set right? Give us a call or e-mail us today at info@motolabdirtbikes.com

See you out on the trail!

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