Thank you for joining us for the WP / KTM / Husky XPLor fork spring swap video. See more at
Making sure you have the correct spring rates for your weight is critical to ensure proper geometry and bike handling. If you’re under sprung you’ll experience harsh, wallowing, brake dive, poor acceleration, and more. Make your ride safe and get the bike sprung with the right rate for your weight here:×470/

This video is simply an example, it is not a replacement for common sense or your factory service manual. Make sure all work is performed by a capable mechanic, following service procedures.

Once you get your new springs installed, be sure to CHECK YOUR SAG! This is the single most important step in setting up your bikes suspension and effects a number of things. If you’re by yourself and or don’t have the tape measure savvy, I always recommend the Slacker Digital Sag Scale.

Take the extra time and be sure your Husky or  KTM suspension is properly sprung first. You’ll be happy you took the time when you’re smoking your buddies out there on the trail!